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Blog Publishing Using iOS Shortcuts and Netlify

Recently, I bought an iPad Pro and have been using it for basically everything except software development, which it’s not yet good at. This led to a problem, however, because I’ve been wanting to start blogging again but publishing posts requires many software-development-like activities which, again, the iPad is not good at. Here’s what currently needs to happen to publish a post: Write a post in Markdown format Generate/add frontmatter (URL, title, date, tags, etc) to top of file Add the file to my Blog’s GitHub Repository Wait for Netlify to pick up GitHub change and redeploy the website This entire flow is actually possible on the iPad using an app called Working Copy but its built-in text editor is not ideal for writing.

Creative Pursuit

Instead of making resolutions at the beginning of each year, I like to decide on a focus instead. Last year’s focus was getting back on track with nutrition and exercise in order to fix my chronic back pain. This year, I’ve decided to focus on being more creative. But why creativity? Why Creativity? Ever since quitting my real job three years ago, I’ve been working independently on growing my software startup Insomnia.

Moving Into a 30-Liter Backpack

I’m currently sitting in the Vancouver International Airport, in my sweatpants, writing this post; waiting to board a plane to London, one-way, with no plans of returning any time soon.

Add Colorful Cows to Your Terminal

Have you ever wanted to see a random, funny and colorful message every time you launch your terminal? Well I did, and and here’s how you can do it too.

Use React Dev Tools in Electron

I recently set up React Dev Tools inside an Electron app, so I thought I’d write a small tutorial on it. The whole process should take less than five minutes so let’s get started. Step 1 – Install React Dev Tools Chrome Extension Before we can use React Dev Tools in Electron, we need a copy of it. To do that, install it from the Chrome Web Store Step 2 – Locate the Extension Files Chrome puts all extension files under the extension’s ID.

Forging a New Path

road to insomnia

Just over a month ago, I left my job to pursue a career as an independent software developer. In other words, I quit my job to work on an app by myself. I am now officially “living the dream” (ugh). The decision to leave was not sudden. I wrestled with it for months. My job was great, it paid well, and the team was awesome. I just couldn’t stop thinking about the things I was doing outside of work.

Why I Switched to Hugo

Last weekend I converted my website (the one you’re looking at) to the Hugo Static Website Engine. If you don’t already know, a static website engine converts a directory structure of (usually) Markdown files to a set of HTML files that can be uploaded to a static web server like Surge.sh. I’ve grown fond of Hugo over the past few days so I thought share a few of the things I like and dislike about it.

Pros and Cons of Building a Custom Physics Engine

I am currently building a 2D platformer game called Platform Pixels. I chose to build the game using the libGDX framework because it can export to iOS, Android, and Desktop very easily. The framework also includes (optionally) the Box2D physics engine, but I chose not to use it. Instead, I wrote my own physics engine.

How I Fixed libGDX Sounds Causing Game Lag on Android

tl;dr add silence to your sound files if they’re too short. The release of my first ever mobile game Platform Pixels is coming up, so I’ve been testing it on as many devices as I can. I was confident after seeing it run on an old HTC One X (2012) but was saddened when I later saw it stutter on a more powerful Nexus 7 (2013). Then I noticed something. The stutter disappeared completely when I disabled the sound.

How I Implemented a Lantern Lighting Effect in 10 Minutes

I am not an artist, so when I set out to make a game I needed to find other ways of making it look good. One of the things I did for my game Platform Pixels was add a lantern lighting effect. Here’s what it looks like (zoomed out for greater effect). This effect was actually very easy to implement in the game, so I felt like sharing exactly how it was done.