This Blog Is Now Open Source!

This blogging platform was built because I was sick of WordPress. I wanted something fast, simple, and easily extendible. The goal from the start was to create something that anyone could use but I didn’t want to make the code available until it had a strong feature set. As of right now, the main features of the platform consist of the following:

  • Create a new post
  • Preview a post before submission
  • Leave a comment
  • Posts tagging for organization #cool
  • Include code snippets in posts and comments (uses Prism.js)
  • Markdown syntax for posts

This was my first experience creating a Node.js module for NPM and it went smoother than expected. Now that I know how easy the process is hopefully I’ll be posting more modules in the future.

Oh! I almost forgot. The module is called simple-blog and can be found on Github at /gschier/simple-blog