5-Minute Minimalist Paper Wallet Tutorial

I try to live my life as minimalistic as possible. A few months ago I came up with a simple way to make a wallet out of a piece of paper and a rubber band. Here is the process:

Step 1 - Gather Supplies

All you need for this project is a pencil, a plastic card, a sturdy piece of paper (you can also use plastic for extra strength), and a thick rubber band that will snugly fit around a card.

I find that the rubber bands that come wrapped around celery bunches work well

Paper Wallet Supplies

Step 2 - Trace an Outline

Use a pencil and a card to trace an outline on the paper. Then, draw two lines about one centimetre from each end.

Paper Wallet Outline

Step 3 - Trace the Fold Lines

Draw two lines on each side spaced at the thickness of your rubber band.

Paper Wallet Elastic Band

Step 4 - Make Your Initial Folds

Fold along the lines you drew.

Paper Wallet Initial Fold

Step 5 - Finish Folding

Put the rubber band near the bottom of your card so you have room to make the fold.

Paper Wallet Second Fold

Then, pull the paper until the fold is tight. This part may be a bit tricky.

Paper Wallet Third Fold

The Final Product

Minimalistic Paper Wallet Final Result

And that’s it! You now have a simple card and cash holder that will fit in almost any pocket. You can experiment with different types of materials and designs to get a more personalized result. If you do end up making your own I’d love to see it. You can post a link in a comment below, Tweet at me, or App.net me @GregorySchier.

~ Gregory Schier

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