Make Catleap Monitor Work With Nvidia Drivers in Ubuntu

In short, read this forum thread.

I recently switched from two 1920x1080 monitors to one 2560x1400 screen. The monitor I purchased was a Yamakasi Catleap (yeah, It sounded weird to me at first too) from a seller on Ebay for a cool $400. However, there were problems using it under Ubuntu.

I’ve never had much success with the open source Nouveau graphics driver for my hardware, so I tried installing the proprietary Nvidia one. This, however resulted in a blank screen on the next boot. Luckily, I could still use another TTY for debugging the problem. You can also uninstall the Nvidia drivers and get Nouveau back with a few commands.

Anyway, after trying to troubleshoot the problem for a long time (thinking it was Nvidia or Ubuntu’s fault) I thought that it may be an issue with the Catleap, so I did a quick search and voila! this forum thread showed me the way. After modifying my xorg.conf file to borrow from the “Monitor” and “Screen” sections of the sample config file, my system booted normally with the new driver!

So, in summary, the lesson I learned from this struggle was not to get too deep into researching a solution because the solution is usually simpler than you think. After all, computers aren’t that complex amirite?

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