Jaakt – Update 1

I’ve never written about a new project this early in the development stage, but I thought it would be a good exercise to help me organize all the thoughts in my head. I’ve been working on a very basic workout logging app called Jaakt and I would like to explain some of the initial process behind the project.

Choosing a Name

I wanted to use a common bodybuilding adjective for the app and I ended up choosing “jacked” because I thought it sounded best. Of course jacked.com was not available so I had to get a bit more creative with it. I ended up going through the following steps to end up with Jaakt:

  1. Jacked –> Starting adjective
  2. Jackd –> Remove last vowel
  3. Jakd –> Remove unnecessary letters
  4. Jakt –> Add some extra punch
  5. Jaakt –> Add letters until .com available

I also ended up buying jaakd.com because I couldn’t fully make up my mind between Jaakt and Jaakd.


While I don’t consider myself to be “jacked”, I do try to work out 2 to 3 times per week. I currently jot down my workouts in a Field Notes pocketbook as the image below shows:

Jaakt Logbook Inspiration

Since I’m a software dev, I inevitably ended up thinking that I could make something better in digital form – so I got started. From the time between 12AM and 3AM last night I made a frontend prototype of the logging system. You can see by the screenshot below that the feature set includes only what’s absolutely necessary for me to record a workout.

Jaakt Screenshot

There are a few more things I want to add, but other than that the frontend is finished. Here are a few things that the frontend still needs:

  • a notes field for each workout
  • display date of workout
  • auto-completion of workout names

And that’s about it. The next step is to whip up a backend with some user accounts and data models and be done with it. I’ll be posting more of the process along the way so stay tuned for that.

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