Platform Pixels – Beta 3

Beta Access: join the Android Beta and follow @PlatformPixels for updates

This week I spent a large portion of my time getting Platform Pixels running on an iPhone. A also got tied up running a 99designs contest to get a logo, which required a lot more involvement than I expected. Here’s the logo I ended up choosing:

Platform Pixels Logo

As a result of my business, this beta is fairly lightweight, but there are still a few notable changes.

Release Details

Here’s what’s new:

  • your current level is now saved and resumed when relaunching the app
  • there is a new dissolving block type that disappears after you land on it
  • all 30 levels have been regenerated
  • the app has a shiny new icon
  • new UI additions
    • display level name
    • display play time
    • button to go back to home
    • button to mute/unmute sounds
  • zoomed the game in by 10%
  • the back button will now exit the app on the main screen

Aside from direct work on the Android beta, I also did a few other things:

  • made a Timelapse Video showing how I vectorized the logo
  • added the logo to The Website
  • got the game running on an iPhone 5c
  • came up with some ideas for new block types

Wow, I actually got more done than I thought.

Up Next

Something I was hoping to get done this week was to have an iOS beta ready. I have the game running perfectly on an iPhone 5c but, unfortunately, there are a lot of hoops to jump through to get it deployed to Text Flight. As of right now, I’m just waiting for it to get approved by Apple.

Platform Pixels App Review

Hopefully it’ll be approved soon!

And that’s it for this beta. As always, I’d love get your opinions on what you like and dislike about the game so far.

Thanks for reading.

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