CoffeeScript Is Just JavaScript

For those of you unfamiliar with CoffeeScript, it is a language that compiles to JavaScript. There are both benefits and downsides to using CoffeeScript, but I’m not going to talk about those since everyone else on the Internet already has. There is only one point that I want to mention – and it’s an important one so pay attention. It’s Just JavaScript Most people I talk to who haven’t yet taken the time to learn CoffeeScript treat it like it’s a completely new language.

Method Chaining in JavaScript

Method chaining is a common pattern in the JavaScript world. This tutorial will provide a brief explanation of what method chaining is, give a real world example of how jQuery uses method chaining, and teach you how to add method chaining to your own classes. Let’s get started. What is Method Chaining? Method chaining is a technique that can be used to simplify code in scenarios that involve calling multiple functions on the same object consecutively.

How JSONP Works

The Wikipedia Definition of JSONP is as follows: a communication technique used in JavaScript programs which run in Web browsers. It provides a method to request data from a server in a different domain, something prohibited by typical web browsers because of the same origin policy. The Problem That JSONP Fixes The typical AJAX request using the JQuery library looks like this: The problem comes when you try to change the URL to point to a different domain such as https://otherdomain.