Ubuntu Update – Not Enough Free Space

Twice now this has happened to me. After clicking the button to install updates an error message appears saying “Not enough free disk space”. After some Googling, I found a solution on the Ask Ubuntu Forums. This happens because some kernel packages hang around even after updated ones replace them. The solution is simple. Delete what is no longer being used. Step 1 – Find Your Kernel Release There is a handy command you can use called uname, which can print out various system information.

Install Genymotion 2.0 In Ubuntu

The 3rd party Android emulator Genymotion announced the official release of their 2.0 version today. This is a small tutorial on how to install it in Ubuntu. Download the Ubuntu installer from the Genymotion website Download and install the latest Virtualbox if you haven’t already Open your terminal of choice Run the following commands to install and set up Genymotion ```bash Make the file executable $ chmod +x genymotion-2.

Make Catleap Monitor Work With Nvidia Drivers in Ubuntu

In short, read this forum thread. I recently switched from two 1920x1080 monitors to one 2560x1400 screen. The monitor I purchased was a Yamakasi Catleap (yeah, It sounded weird to me at first too) from a seller on Ebay for a cool $400. However, there were problems using it under Ubuntu. I’ve never had much success with the open source Nouveau graphics driver for my hardware, so I tried installing the proprietary Nvidia one.

Install Ubuntu on Asus P8P67 WS Revolution Motherboard

Short answer: Upgrade your BIOS to make the UEFI boot option appear for your new installation. Two years ago, I made the mistake of buying a desktop computer with new hardware. This will never happen again. Newer Ubuntu versions now have support for UEFI installs as opposed to legacy BIOS installs. For reasons that I am unaware of, booting an Ubuntu live USB in legacy mode has never worked. This meant that UEFI installs had been my only option.