The NULL Object Hack

Have you ever seen this?;

/** OUTPUT **/
// TypeError: Cannot read property 'bar' of null

Well, there is an easy solution:

if (foo && foo.hasOwnProperty('bar')) {
  baz =;
} else {
  // Do something else

However, this is long and stupid, especially when working with large nested objects. Sometimes if error handling isn’t as important you can get away with this little one-liner.

// Prevent null reference by making sure an object exists
baz = (foo || { }).bar;

// Or, using ternary operation (more robust but longer)
baz = foo && foo.hasOwnProperty('bar') ? : 'default value';

The || means that the second option will be used if the first one is a falsy value (false, null, 0, etc). This method works well if you’re expecting foo to be an object that may not exist, but I don’t recommend using it in many other circumstances.

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