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πŸ—“ 2021 Year in Review: Reprioritization
• 3 min read • 272 votes

It's hard to revisit my 2020 Review and not get bummed out. This year didn't include nearly as many large changes and I struggled a lot personally. As a result, however, I tried a lot of new things and learned an extremely important lesson.
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πŸ—“ 2020 Year in Review: Life Shuffle
• 4 min read • 1260 votes

It's wacky how much my life changed in 2020. I quit my job, moved out of the city, and restarted my career as an indie developer. My partner and I bought our first house and car, inherited 9 chickens, and got a dog! I went from being stressed and tired to creative and free.
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πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ’» Going Indie, Again
• 2 min read • 2645 votes

πŸ“£ I'm excited to announce that today is my last official day working on Insomniaβ€”the indie project I started in 2014, grew to $20k MRR, then Sold to Kong in July of 2019. πŸ™ŒπŸ»
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πŸ‘” Quit With Positivity
• 6 min read • 431 votes

There have been many times I've quit for the wrong reasons, either because things got too hard or I was afraid. But there were also times I've quit for the right reasons as a means to get somewhere better.
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🌁 Unlimited Potential
• 3 min read • 282 votes

Dad was there for sure. I don't remember if Mom was but I'm sure she was tooβ€”probably by the house, watching anxiously, ready to cover her eyes when it happened. She never did get used to watching me do dangerous things.
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πŸŽ™ Does Not Compute Podcast
• 1 min read • 146 votes

Listen to episode 🎧 I recently sat down with Sean Washington to chat tech, side projects, and taking self-care. My appearance on the show has been a long time coming since Sean and I have been friends for a while now. It felt really good to put some things out in the open that have been on my mind for a while.
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😈 Productive Procrastination
• 4 min read • 4560 votes

A few years agoβ€”while trying to get Insomnia off the groundβ€”I took some time to "modernize" the codebase by updating its import statements to the new ES6 syntax. Here's what it looked like.
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πŸš€ Getting Over the Fear of Launching
• 5 min read • 803 votes

What if it has bugs? What if it sucks? What if they think I'm a fraud? 😟 My good friend Nick is getting ready to launch 30hourjobs, which got me thinking about the topic. Actually, dreading is a better word.
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πŸ—“ 2019 Year in Review: Prioritizing Health
• 2 min read • 1009 votes

2019 had a rough start. There I was, in the worst shape of my life, burnt-out on my startup, and living day to day without a plan. I was stuck, and desperately needed to get my shit together.
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πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ’» Indie, a Competitive Advantage
• 5 min read • 306 votes

"How can I compete with them? I'm just a single person and they're a VC-funded company with millions of users." πŸ’©πŸ˜©
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