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👔 Quit With Positivity
• 6 min read • 155 votes

There have been many times I've quit for the wrong reasons, either because things got too hard or I was afraid. But there were also times I've quit for the right reasons as a means to get somewhere better.
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🌁 Unlimited Potential
• 3 min read • 273 votes

Dad was there for sure. I don't remember if Mom was but I'm sure she was too—probably by the house, watching anxiously, ready to cover her eyes when it happened. She never did get used to watching me do dangerous things.
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🎙 Does Not Compute Podcast
• 1 min read • 141 votes

Listen to episode 🎧 I recently sat down with Sean Washington to chat tech, side projects, and taking self-care. My appearance on the show has been a long time coming since Sean and I have been friends for a while now. It felt really good to put some things out in the open that have been on my mind for a while.
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😈 Productive Procrastination
• 4 min read • 3951 votes

A few years ago—while trying to get Insomnia off the ground—I took some time to "modernize" the codebase by updating its import statements to the new ES6 syntax. Here's what it looked like.
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🚀 Getting Over the Fear of Launching
• 5 min read • 419 votes

What if it has bugs? What if it sucks? What if they think I'm a fraud? 😟 My good friend Nick is getting ready to launch 30hourjobs, which got me thinking about the topic. Actually, dreading is a better word.
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