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😈 Productive Procrastination
• 4 min read • 3354 votes 🔥

A few years ago—while trying to get Insomnia off the ground—I took some time to "modernize" the codebase by updating its import statements to the new ES6 syntax. Here's what it looked like.
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🚀 Getting Over the Fear of Launching
• 5 min read • 310 votes

What if it has bugs? What if it sucks? What if they think I'm a fraud? 😟 My good friend Nick is getting ready to launch 30hourjobs, which got me thinking about the topic. Actually, dreading is a better word.
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🗓 2019 Year in Review: Prioritizing Health
• 2 min read • 282 votes

2019 had a rough start. There I was, in the worst shape of my life, burnt-out on my startup, and living day to day without a plan. I was stuck, and desperately needed to get my shit together.
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👨🏼‍💻 Indie, a Competitive Advantage
• 5 min read • 302 votes

"How can I compete with them? I'm just a single person and they're a VC-funded company with millions of users." 💩😩
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🎈 Abandoning the Static Site
• 6 min read • 137 votes

The first version of my website, the site you're reading this on, was born seven years ago. NodeJS was just released the year prior and I was eager to give it a try. So, I built and released an open-source Node blogging engine—aptly named Simple Blog—which ended up serving as the first true home for my content.
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