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🗓 2019 Year in Review: Prioritizing Health
• 2 min read • 408 votes

2019 had a rough start. There I was, in the worst shape of my life, burnt-out on my startup, and living day to day without a plan. I was stuck, and desperately needed to get my shit together.
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👨🏼‍💻 Indie, a Competitive Advantage
• 5 min read • 304 votes

"How can I compete with them? I'm just a single person and they're a VC-funded company with millions of users." 💩😩
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🎈 Abandoning the Static Site
• 6 min read • 198 votes

The first version of my website, the site you're reading this on, was born seven years ago. NodeJS was just released the year prior and I was eager to give it a try. So, I built and released an open-source Node blogging engine—aptly named Simple Blog—which ended up serving as the first true home for my content.
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✋🏻 Stop Calling Them "Side Projects"
• 3 min read • 411 votes

I see a lot of people in the software community continually bring up the same problems and questions regarding side projects: Should I launch my side project? I never finish my side projects. Should I charge for my side project? I don't have time for side projects.
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📈 Indie to Acquisition
• 3 min read • 277 votes

In July of 2015 I was burnt out, tired, and in desperate need of a change. My job of three years was no longer fulfilling and I couldn't fathom continuing to give up a 40-hour work week to achieve someone else's dream.
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