Follow These Apps – App Changelogs in RSS

Last September a small team and I started ForkJoy. ForkJoy is a web and mobile app that lets you search/review/photograph restaurant menus. As you probably know already, there are a lot of similar apps in this space. As developers, the only way to keep track of dozens of competing apps is to install each of them and check the changelogs as updates come out. Obviously this is a hassle, so we came up with a solution that we call Follow These Apps (FTA).

FTA is very minimal. Simply sign up, input the Android or iOS app ids that you would like to follow, and subscribe to a personalized RSS feed. Now you will be able to see changelogs in the same RSS reader that you already use every day. As of right now, a free account allows you to follow up to 5 apps, and a paid account ($5/year) allows you to follow up to 50.

Since FTA was just released, and is still in beta, we are looking for some feedback on the service. If you would like to sign up and try it out, let me know your username in the comments and I will up your quota in exchange for some useful criticism.

Thanks for reading!

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