Shit! I Broke my Nexus 4

I was in a hurry ― sandwich in one hand, phone and drink in the other. It was a hot afternoon and I hadn’t eaten anything that day. I was starving. An ongoing notification on my phone was irking me. I needed to check it. Why don’t I have three hands! I thought to myself while walking to my next class. My mouth is like a hand isn’t it?

I gingerly placed my phone in my mouth and took off my backpack. Starting to feel my phone slip, I clenched my lips harder knowing that I couldn’t spare more than a few seconds. I placed my drink in my bag and threw it back over my shoulder. Success! Then, things started going downhill…

While reaching for my phone something happened. I lost concentration. My brain knew where my hand was but somehow it missed my phone. My hand brushed the phone’s bottom edge, causing it to break free from my mouth. With a quick reflex I tried to snatch it from mid air, only to knock it further out of reach. Minutes seemed to pass as my phone flew towards the ground.

CRASH! The excruciating sound of glass on concrete pierced my ears. I knew right away the outcome but refused to believe it. I stared at the phone lying face down beneath my feet. As I turned it over my fears were confirmed. That was the end of my Nexus 4. The most amazing piece of technology I’ve ever owned, taken from me in mere seconds.

It was a sad day.

And yes, the answer is still “no”. I will never subject any of my devices to an ugly fucking case.

R.I.P. Nexus 4 😢

Nexus 4 Cracked Screen

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