Platform Pixels – Beta 2

Beta Access: join the Android Beta and follow @PlatformPixels for updates

Platform Pixels is a mobile-first 2D platformer meant to be simple, easy to learn, yet extremely difficult. If this is your first time hearing about it, check out the brand new Website (WEEOOO!) to find out more.

Enough introduction, let’s get into what’s new in Beta 2!

Release Details

Beta 2 removes all hand-made levels. Good riddance! Those things too me hours to make! The levels in this update are now generated programmatically by a beta level generator I’ve been working on.

At this point, the generator produces fairly basic levels, but I am already impressed with it considering the minimal amount of effort I’ve put into it so far. Look forward to more unique and interesting levels the generator progresses. Here’s a sample screenshot of what it looks like when I run the generator from the command line.

Platform Pixels Level Generator

NOTE: Since the level generator is a constant work in progress, every new beta release will likely have completely different levels, so don’t get too attached to your game play progress.

Other than the level generator, not much is new. I’ve been spending a lot of time on non-game stuff like the New Website, design of the level generator, a logo, and written content like this. My reason for this focus is to start attracting attention and users to help drive the game’s development. So, if you made it this far and you like what you see, it would be a big help if you shared this with your friends and coworkers.

Up Next

The level generator will be a big focus for me over the next few releases. Since the website and logo are almost done, I’ll have a bit more time to spend on the actual game. Here are a few things that I’ll be focusing on in the next few updates:

  • better level generation
    • more feature variation
    • more manageable difficulty progression
  • new block types
    • disappearing blocks
    • flashing blocks
  • transition screens
    • tutorial screen (showing what the controls are)
    • loading screen between levels
    • splash screen on game start with logo
  • persistent game state
    • save what level you’re on
  • leaderboards

Let me know what you think of the generated levels so far. Thanks for reading!

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