Platform Pixels – Beta 4

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Web Beta: Visit
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iOS Beta: DM your email to @PlatformPixels

I didn’t have enough time to push out a beta last week, so I’ve put some extra effort in this week to make up for it. Check out the gif below for a teaser of Beta 4 gameplay!

Platform Pixels Ghosts

Alright, let’s dig in a bit more into what has actually changed.


Here’s what’s new:

  • iOS beta is live!
  • web beta is live! (
  • three hand-made levels for world 1 (Lava Caves)
  • upped the level difficulty a lot
  • show ghosts from previous deaths! Spoooooky 👻.
  • added a world selection screen
  • better level selection screen
  • coin counter during gameplay
  • implemented persistent game state
  • made dissolving platforms a different color
  • removed procedurally generated levels (Read More )
  • a couple bug fixes

Up Next

In the next beta, I’m going to be spending a lot of time on new levels, so look forward to that. The current beta has one world with only three levels. In the next beta, I want to add more levels to that world as well as start on a second world a different theme.

Level 1 (zoomed out)

Other than level creation, I want to start playing with new game mechanics. My goal is to introduce a new mechanic with every world to help keep things interesting. Here are a some ideas I’ve came up with so far.

Ideas for new mechanics:

  • moving obstacles (enemies?)
  • slippery walls
  • slow motion
  • gravity inversion
  • springs
  • conveyor belts

I’ve also been passively thinking of ways to add visual flair. I want to give each world a unique parallax background and potentially some moving scenery like weather or flickering lights. This might not make it into the next beta but you never know…

Keeping with the visual improvements, I also created some mockups for a real UI. Here’s a very early sample of what I’m thinking.

Platform Pixels Mockups

That’s it for this week’s beta. As always, let me know what you think and have fun playing!

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