Moving Into a 30-Liter Backpack

I’m currently sitting in the Vancouver International Airport, in my sweatpants, writing this post; waiting to board a plane to London, one-way, with no plans of returning any time soon.

This blog has been very quiet for the past year. The last major post was about my shift from a start-up employee to an independent app developer, which has gone extremely well. So well, in fact, that it now generates enough income to sustain my lifestyle indefinitely. Achievement unlocked! 🏅

Now, it’s time for the next big thing: Travel 🚀

30 Liter Pacsafe Backpack

My partner Jess and I have spent the last month selling, donating, and recycling all our stuff in order to go on a long-term adventure. All we have left are two backpacks full of our most essential possessions.

We are officially homeless.

We’ve only planned the start of our journey – booking 1-month stays in Nice France, Lisbon Portugal, and Split Croatia – but are hoping to continue as long as possible.