🏁 Start VirtualBox VM in Headless Mode

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It is fairly common in web development to run code in a virtual machine (VM) so that you can mirror your production environment. However, using a GUIless operating system through VirtualBox’s GUI window is a terrible experience. Fortunately VirtualBox provides an easy way of starting a VM using their command line tool VBoxManage in a headless mode.

# List virtual machines
VBoxManage list vms
"MyVM" {e4b0c92c-4301-4a7d-8af8-fe02fed00451}

# Start VM in headless mode
VBoxManage startvm MyVM --type headless

# Power off VM
VBoxManage controlvm MyVM poweroff

Once the virtual machine has started you can connect to it over SSH and use it as you would any server operating system.

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