How I Fixed libGDX Sounds Causing Game Lag on Android

tl;dr add silence to your sound files if they’re too short. The release of my first ever mobile game Platform Pixels is coming up, so I’ve been testing it on as many devices as I can. I was confident after seeing it run on an old HTC One X (2012) but was saddened when I later saw it stutter on a more powerful Nexus 7 (2013). Then I noticed something. The stutter disappeared completely when I disabled the sound.

How to Make Android Camera Permission Optional

I have an Android app called To Read. To Read allows you to search for books and add them to a reading list. This weekend I added the ability to add a book by scanning a barcode. When I uploaded the finished app to the developer console, this is what I saw. 336 different Android devices can no longer see or install my app from the Play Store?! Since the camera is not required to use the basic functionality of the app, I wanted to make the permission optional.

Cyanogenmod Alarm Clock Turns Itself Off

Cynanogenmod is an aftermarket firmware (typicically known as a custom ROM) for Android. It adds many new features and makes a lot of improvements, especially for the power user. Some of these improvements are in the alarm clock app. I’ve been using Cyanogenmod for years. Recently I noticed that sometimes the alarm clock will go off in the morning, then snooze by itself without me touching it. I thought this would seem like an obvious bug and get fixed right away, but it hasn’t.

Succeeding in the Play Store

One of my favourite things to do is start new side projects. Three years ago, my roommate Adrian and I decided to build a mobile app to keep track of the books we wanted to read. So we put together some designs and started building. We came up with the name To Read. The plan was to build functional apps for iOS and Android and submit both before the weekend ended.

How to Stop Tap Events From Passing Through an Android Fragment

By default, the layout view in Android (LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, etc) don’t consume click events. I discovered this trying to show a new fragment above another. Taps were registering on the non-visible fragment below. To fix this, add an attribute to the view to tell it to consume click events with android:clickable="true". <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <LinearLayout xmlns:android="" android:orientation="vertical" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="fill_parent" android:background="@android:color/white" android:clickable="true"> </LinearLayout> I hope this tip saves someone else the time I lost :)

Install Genymotion 2.0 In Ubuntu

The 3rd party Android emulator Genymotion announced the official release of their 2.0 version today. This is a small tutorial on how to install it in Ubuntu. Download the Ubuntu installer from the Genymotion website Download and install the latest Virtualbox if you haven’t already Open your terminal of choice Run the following commands to install and set up Genymotion ```bash Make the file executable $ chmod +x genymotion-2.

How to Root Nexus 5 in Linux

I just bought a Nexus 5 today and wanted to root it. I tried running the following script without success. I kept getting the following error: sudo: unable to execute tools/fastboot-linux: No such file or directory So, here are some alternative instructions. If you don’t know what Linux is, please STOP reading this RIGHT NOW: MANDITORY DISCLAIMER: This will wipe your device and I am not responsible if you fuck up your shit.

How to Root Nexus 7 (2013) in Linux

I found a great XDA post showing how to root the new Nexus 7 (2013) on Windows, so I made some slight modifications and got it working from my Linux terminal. Here’s what I did: MANDITORY DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible if you fuck up your shit. Links: Windows Guide abd for Linux TWRP v2.6.0.0 Super SU Here are the steps I took to get my Nexus 7 (2013) rooted.

Shit! I Broke my Nexus 4

I was in a hurry ― sandwich in one hand, phone and drink in the other. It was a hot afternoon and I hadn’t eaten anything that day. I was starving. An ongoing notification on my phone was irking me. I needed to check it. Why don’t I have three hands! I thought to myself while walking to my next class. My mouth is like a hand isn’t it? I gingerly placed my phone in my mouth and took off my backpack.

Genymotion - Finally, A Good Android Emulator for Linux

The emulator can be found at I should preface this post by stating that I have only used the Genymotion emulator for around twenty minutes, but it has already impressed me to the point where I would consider using as my main app testing device (I currently use a hardware device). I have a few problems with the official Android emulator: Hard to enable x86 emulation on Linux Difficult to spoof GPS coordinates Not very user friendly In the short period of testing Genymotion, all of these points were resolved.