Call for Beta Testers

tl;dr I’m building a Chrome app (currently called Bodybuilder) for managing API calls, similar to Postman. If you want to join the beta, submit a request and I’ll add you. Motivations for Bodybuilder A few months ago, a friend introduced me to Postman. Postman is a Chrome app that makes testing REST APIs super easy. As an engineer at sendwithus, I interact with HTTP-based APIs constantly. Whether I’m working on a new feature, debugging, or simply using the product, having the ability to interact with the API in an efficient way is a basic need.

Rethinking The Programming Tutorial

I got sick of posting lengthy programming tutorials so I sat down and tried to come up with a more condensed way to do things. I concluded that programming tutorials usually follow this pattern: introduction code followed by a description of the code code followed by a description of the code code followed by a description of the code conclusion What is wrong with this pattern? Too much repetition!

Follow These Apps – App Changelogs in RSS

Last September a small team and I started ForkJoy. ForkJoy is a web and mobile app that lets you search/review/photograph restaurant menus. As you probably know already, there are a lot of similar apps in this space. As developers, the only way to keep track of dozens of competing apps is to install each of them and check the changelogs as updates come out. Obviously this is a hassle, so we came up with a solution that we call Follow These Apps (FTA).