Menus Matter

At ForkJoy we believe that the best way to spread the word about excellent food is through high quality menus. The best menus highlight the offerings of a restaurant by combining a generous helping of vivid photographs with a dash of enticing descriptions which is then topped with a dollop of thoughtful comments. Our focus has not only been on building an extensive database of complete restaurant menus for a growing number of cities but also on building a better way for restaurant owners/managers to efficiently create and manage their online presence including beautiful menus.

How ForkJoy Implemented AJAX Page Loads

This article will provide a fairly high level overview of how ForkJoy implemented its AJAX page loading system. ForkJoy uses Node.js and Express for its backend, Jade for templating, and JQuery on the frontend. Disclaimer The sample code used in this article is based on the ForkJoy codebase, but is heavily simplified to reduce complexity. The purpose of the sample code is not to provide a working demo, but to provide a starting point for implementation and help the readers’ understanding.