Dabbling in the World of Particle Animation

I was browsing around CodePen today and some particle animation demos caught my eye so I thought to myself, “how hard could that be?” I spent half the day tinkering and this is what I came up with: Bouncy Balls The first thing I wrote was a simple container of moving particles. Each particle is initialized with a random velocity that remains constant throughout its life. The most challenging part of this demo was creating the bounce effect.

Pong Simulation Demo

Discovering CodePen yesterday has motivated me try more programming experiments. I’ve been wanting to build a pong clone for a while so I decided to finally give it a try. Unfortunately it is too much code to write inside of CodePen’s interface (my opinion), but I was able to write a Pong simulation in just over 100 lines. Here it is: Check out this Pen! I started a Github repository for the project that I plan on eventually finishing, but for now I’ll leave it at this.

Fractal Demo

I needed a break from filling out a SR&ED application today so I decided to write some code. At first I wanted to see if I could make a CSS-only block splicing app but realized that it was more difficult than I thought. I decided to continue on with a bit of JQuery assistance and here is the result. It works by placing 4 equal sized divs into any div you click/hover on.