How I Fixed libGDX Sounds Causing Game Lag on Android

tl;dr add silence to your sound files if they’re too short. The release of my first ever mobile game Platform Pixels is coming up, so I’ve been testing it on as many devices as I can. I was confident after seeing it run on an old HTC One X (2012) but was saddened when I later saw it stutter on a more powerful Nexus 7 (2013). Then I noticed something. The stutter disappeared completely when I disabled the sound.

How I Implemented a Lantern Lighting Effect in 10 Minutes

I am not an artist, so when I set out to make a game I needed to find other ways of making it look good. One of the things I did for my game Platform Pixels was add a lantern lighting effect. Here’s what it looks like (zoomed out for greater effect). This effect was actually very easy to implement in the game, so I felt like sharing exactly how it was done.