Vim and I – A Love Story

Most of the time it’s bliss. Sometimes it’s prison. I’ve been with Vim for five years now and will never leave. The following is the story of how I was introduced to Vim, followed by the highs and lows of our relationship thus far. The First Date It was winter of 2008 and I had just started my first programming job. I was working inside of a small team for the Canadian Government on some internal web applications.

My First Mugging

Tonight, something happened to me that I will undoubtedly remember for ever; I was mugged. For those of you that are interested, this is what happened… It was a beautiful evening: clouds covered the sky, the air was calm, and the temperature was pleasant. Wanting to take advantage of such a nice evening I put on my Five Fingers, shorts and toque, then ran out the door. In no time I was blasting through the trails of Beacon Hill Park.