Blog Publishing Using iOS Shortcuts and Netlify

Recently, I bought an iPad Pro and have been using it for basically everything except software development, which it’s not yet good at. This led to a problem, however, because I’ve been wanting to start blogging again but publishing posts requires many software-development-like activities which, again, the iPad is not good at. Here’s what currently needs to happen to publish a post: Write a post in Markdown format Generate/add frontmatter (URL, title, date, tags, etc) to top of file Add the file to my Blog’s GitHub Repository Wait for Netlify to pick up GitHub change and redeploy the website This entire flow is actually possible on the iPad using an app called Working Copy but its built-in text editor is not ideal for writing.

Creative Pursuit

Instead of making resolutions at the beginning of each year, I like to decide on a focus instead. Last year’s focus was getting back on track with nutrition and exercise in order to fix my chronic back pain. This year, I’ve decided to focus on being more creative. But why creativity? Why Creativity? Ever since quitting my real job three years ago, I’ve been working independently on growing my software startup Insomnia.

Moving Into a 30-Liter Backpack

I’m currently sitting in the Vancouver International Airport, in my sweatpants, writing this post; waiting to board a plane to London, one-way, with no plans of returning any time soon.

Forging a New Path

road to insomnia

Just over a month ago, I left my job to pursue a career as an independent software developer. In other words, I quit my job to work on an app by myself. I am now officially “living the dream” (ugh). The decision to leave was not sudden. I wrestled with it for months. My job was great, it paid well, and the team was awesome. I just couldn’t stop thinking about the things I was doing outside of work.


There would be six of them. Six fucking roommates. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like. I was worried. Would I have to share a bedroom? How would I cope without privacy? How would people react to experiencing the real me? My excitement of moving to California was slowly being replaced with stress and doubt. It’s been two weeks so far and I can’t believe how well it’s going. I can’t believe that I don’t hate everyone yet.

Leaving it all Behind

Two months ago I was co-founder of a startup with three of my closest friends. Having spent the two previous years pouring sweat and tears into a product without seeing results, we were spent. I wasn’t happy. It was time for a change. I spent two weeks in self-reflection, trying to figure things out. Going for walks, sleeping too much, staying up late. Depression was leering. Then, an opportunity arose.

Shit! I Broke my Nexus 4

I was in a hurry ― sandwich in one hand, phone and drink in the other. It was a hot afternoon and I hadn’t eaten anything that day. I was starving. An ongoing notification on my phone was irking me. I needed to check it. Why don’t I have three hands! I thought to myself while walking to my next class. My mouth is like a hand isn’t it? I gingerly placed my phone in my mouth and took off my backpack.

Saying "Yes" to a 240 ft² Apartment

It has been three weeks since moving into my new apartment. It is a small 12ft by 20ft bachelor located in the neighbourhood of James Bay Victoria. The main living space takes up half of the small rectangle, leaving in the other half, a kitchen nook and small bathroom. Living in a small space has changed me for the better and this is how it came about. While looking for a new place in March of this year (2013), this was the first one I saw.